March 21, 2018
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We got an award. Hurray!!

In December 2001 we travelled from Britain to Australia with 3 stuffed toy pigs. As we travelled from place to place with our fluffy friends, we recorded our journey here, describing where we'd been and what we'd seen.

At various stages of our travels, we said a heart-wrenching goodbye to each one of our porcine friends and handed the burden of responsibility to another intrepid traveller, who promised to care for the TravelPig and record their onward travels on this site.

Since then other TravelPigs have been released into the wild, so there are now 20 TravelPigs travelling the world.

After almost five years of pigs travelling the world, the founding father of the website passed the baton on to a novice webmaster and longtime TravelPig friend in October 2006 - please be patient, things might be a bit slow ...

If you're currently the proud possessor of a TravelPig, select update a pig to add the details (and upload a picture if you've got one handy) of your travels together. You'll find the pig's name and password on the label attached to your TravelPig. Once you've finished your journey, or you're just fed-up with carrying a soft toy around, hand it on to another traveller and revisit the site to follow your former companion's travels.

Select track a pig to see where the TravelPigs have been.

Any pigs not seen for over 1 month are presumed Missing In Action (M.I.A.).

Since almost all of the pigs are currently (Oct. 2006) M.I.A., a brief email from their possessors as to their whereabouts and well-being would be greatly appreciated!

Where are they now ?
PigLast seen in
OxleyLake District, England
LivingstoneSingapore, Singapore
CookBarcelona, Spain
HumboldtToronto,Canada, Canada
BeringHarpenden, England
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Pig on the Wold
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PigSeen inRecs
CookPhoenix, Arizona, United States2027
CookIronbridge, England2027
ColumbusSydney, Australia2027
ScottBangkok, Thailand2027
LivingstonePost Office Bay, Floreana, Galapagos Islands (a territory)2026
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Want a pig ?.....Want a pig ?.....Want a pig ?

Have you every dreamt of doing a spot of (very) amateur travel-writing, keeping your friends and family up-to-date with your travels, whilst in the company of a soft toy pig ? Haven't we all, click here to find out how your dreams can come true!

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