March 18, 2018
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Scott in Laos
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Country Laos
City or Region Viang Vieng
Travelling with Sarah
Travel date 08 May 2002
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Viang Vieng is a backpacker town in Laos, with all the Thai type backpacker amenities - the bars show videos and sell lots of western food. Internet cafes etc are everywhere! The main tourist activites, apart from sitting in a bar drinking all day are either kayaking and caving or tubing, both down the Mekong river. I chose the kayaking, which went to a couple of caves and down the stream that is the Mekong in the wet season! I loved it! This gives a chance to see how locals live along the river - as the river is used for everything - from washing themsleves or their teeth to their motorbikes and buses!! Most of these tours seemed to be 10USD for a day and well worth it!

Added : 21 May 2002, 14:38:20 (UK time)
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