March 17, 2018
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Scott in Laos
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Country Laos
City or Region Non Khiow
Travelling with Sarah
Travel date 16 May 2002
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A sleepy village that is perfect for relaxing in and taking in Laos life. The main tourist attractions are about 30minutes walk out of the town - there are some good views from there, nice but nothing spectacular. Treks can be done, but it was too wet for treks when i was there. I found the highlight to be simply sitting chatting with the children, who were really happy to talk to you and teach Laos/learn English.

The bus journeys have all been interesting in Laos - with lots of seats created in the aisles etc and chickens! I hate chickens!! This was a journey with chickens, others have been the hairraising journeys on wet unsealed roads with mudslides and steep cliffs on one or both sides, buses slipping all over the place...I guess the main thing is that I am here to tell the tale!

Added : 21 May 2002, 14:57:29 (UK time)