January 20, 2018
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We got an award. Hurray!!
Livingstone in Bolivia
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Click to enlarge the pic Sucre - I am bigger than the statue
Country Bolivia
City or Region Sucre
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 17 Jun 2002
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How can a country have two capitals? Well, La Paz is it actually but Sucre in a way, too. Sucre was an important colonial capital and then for Bolivia and now it still has to Supreme Court but ... that is too much for a little pig like me.

What I know is that Sucre is a beautiful town, really relaxed with amazing buildings and great international restaurants.

We actually had breakfast in the "Kultur Café Berlin" where Carsten could enjoy a German breakfast and newspaper while Cub and I had to look at boring black and white pictures of old Berlin and young Marlene Dietrich. Yaaaaawn!

Will have a nap now before we hit the road again. Toodaloo, Livingstone.

Added : 28 Jun 2002, 02:25:03 (UK time)
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