March 18, 2018
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Livingstone in Bolivia
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Click to enlarge the pic Santa Cruz, in fear of Fernando ...
Country Bolivia
City or Region Santa Cruz
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 18 Jun 2002
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Just woke up after a long and shaky night bus ride from Sucre to Santa Cruz. It took us 16 hours which included the time for exchanging an exploded rear tire.

The great news is that I am down, down, down now. No more altitude! First time below 3,000 meters since the day in Coroico! And it's much warmer here, too. So I can get rid of my wooly Inka hat now.

But the bad thing is that I can't blame all the bad things, like hangovers, headaches, tiredness - basically anything nasty - on the altitude anymore. Hmm, will have to blame it on the quick descent then. 30 kmh in the bus were simpy too fast ...

Santa Cruz is Bolivia's second largest city and somewhat of a border town to Brazil, even though the actual border is quite a way to go. Some people say that considerable parts of the city's wealth stem from drug related deals. Wondering if anyone here knows Fernando, the super criminal from San Pedro prison (read my La Paz article). I gotta get outta here!

On the run, Livingstone.

Added : 28 Jun 2002, 02:36:05 (UK time)
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