March 23, 2018
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Livingstone in Brazil
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Click to enlarge the pic Pentacampeao! And me very close to the Cup!
Country Brazil
City or Region Curitiba (World cup final)
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 30 Jun 2002
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Pentacampeao, pentacampeao! Brazilians are going absolutely mental here as they have just won their fifth world cup title. They are dancing in the streets of Curitiba and are having a blast of a party all day.

Itīs really amazing to see the importance of football in this country. For the past days you could see nothing but football on the tele. Of course, most of the coverage was focused on their super star Ronaldo, the Alvin (from the Chip munks) look-a-like with the funny triangular hair cut.

I guess the celebrations will continue for a couple of days. Congratulations to the Brazilian team and I hope for Englandīs second title at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

CLASSIFIED: Well educated, cute little pig (alcoholic ...) looking for travelmate - age, sex. looks do not matter but you need to have tickets for 2006 World Cup final! Contact travelpig and ask for Livingstone!

Added : 03 Jul 2002, 21:14:48 (UK time)
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