February 19, 2018
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Livingstone in Argentina
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Country Argentina
City or Region Buenos Aires
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 04 Jul 2002
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Arrived in Buenos Aires today, on the high speed ferry from Colonia, Uruguay. The ferry only needs 50 minutes to cross the river plate. My first impression was: "Hey, you dropped us off in the wrong place - this is not South America, this is Europe or the U.S.A." because port area is full of shiny modern glass skyscrapers which I haven't seenm in South America yet.

But I really loved since town from first sight. And because Argentina is suffering from a very bad economic crisis which devuluated the Argentinian peso to less then one third its former value it is also very affordable to travel here.

I am looking forward to some big city life. Will keep you updated. Toodaloo, Livingstone.

Added : 12 Jul 2002, 01:52:48 (UK time)
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