March 17, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic Grand Caverns
Country United States
City or Region Grottoes, Virginia
Travelling with Mike & Tara
Travel date 06 Jul 2002
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The Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is a very beautiful, and underground it is no different! The area has a bunch of different caverns, one of the most popular being Luray Caverns. Despite being a little afraid of the dark, this adventurous Piggy decided to take a look around Grand Caverns, in the aptly named town of Grottoes!

Grand Caverns doesn't seem as "efficient" as nearby Luray, nor as we presented, but it is spectacular...and much less busy!

One of the features of Grand Caverns are a structures called "shields" which are flat, quite thin formations that hang from the roof of the caverns, usually at an angle. Supposedly nobody knows how they are formed.

The tour lasts about an hour and consists of not much more than the guide pointing out different shapes in the formations - like a rabbit or a horse. My favourite was an upside down pig!!

But caves aren't the best place for pigs, and I was happy to get back out into the fresh air and sunshine of this lovely part of the country.

Added : 12 Jul 2002, 19:50:28 (UK time)
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