March 23, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic Piggy...I mean Teddy Roosevelt
Country United States
City or Region Roosevelt Island, near Arlington, VA
Travelling with Mike, Tara & Michele
Travel date 28 Jul 2002
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Theodore Roosevelt Island is really quite a discovery!

It is a small island in the Potomac, right outside Washington DC. It is literally just a few miles from places like the Washington Monument, the White House, and other places that I have visited already in my Piggy Travels. If it wasn't for the noisy low-flying planes coming in and out of the nearby National Airport, you might actually think that you are in a park in the middle of nowhere! The island is almost entirely wooded, with paths that lead through the forest and then through a swampy area.

The island can only be reached via a footbridge from the parking lot, which is off the George Washington Memorial Parkway - a lovely stretch of road that follows the western side of the Potomac and goes down to gorgeous Mount Vernon.

The island has a memorial to Teddy Roosevelt, which is okay. It made me start thinking whether there will ever be a president that has a nickname involving a pig - afterall Piggies are way cooler than Teddys!

Part of the reason to go to this island was to pursue a new hobby of mine, called letterboxing. To find out more check out this site: - although this is just a North American site it explains what we were up to on this island...!

Added : 01 Aug 2002, 17:18:31 (UK time)
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