March 18, 2018
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Cabot in New Zealand
Recommendations : 745 Recommend it!
Country New Zealand
City or Region Dunedin
Travelling with Evan and Michelle
Travel date 01 Aug 2002
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After the warm sunny beaches of Spain, we jumped a plane and decided to head to New Zealand for some snowflakes and a bit of winter fun. Cabot as been all action snowboarding in Wanaka and taking in the sights of the South Island. Checking out the Capital and partying with friends.

Would recommend having a look at the far south of New Zealand - the sounds and country is amazing and the local lifestyle relaxed and friendly. Wanaka and Queenstown are nice anytime of the year. A 'can't miss' would be the rugged landscapes of the westcoast. Go everywhere if you can. It depends what you're looking for. Cabot had a break from the action and spent a weekend in Nelson in the sun relaxing on a beach. There is so much to do..

Now the summer is coming, new adventures are in the pipeline, so will update you as they unfold....

Added : 28 Oct 2002, 21:22:33 (UK time)
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