March 17, 2018
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Country Japan
City or Region Ikoma to Tsubuka
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Travel date 02 Jan 2003
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Our last day of travelling today and it was going to be spent travellling from Ikoma where we had spent the night with a Japanese family. We had a splendid evening with a traditional New Year's day dinner which included Sukiyake. It was such a treat to eat proper food rather than Tuna sandwiches..

We left about 8ish with instructions at which services to stop at to have a good view of Mt Fuji. The weather forecast had given a clear day so fingers crossed we would see him in his full glory. Which we did. A full clear and unclouded view.

Unfortunately, the rest of the journey home was becoming a real chore. The roads were jam packed, everyone seemed to be travelling somewhere and appeared to have all the time in the world to do it. And where normally we would have had a fairly clear run on the expressways it was becoming a nightmare. So after many hours of frustration caused by a want for a hot bath and bed we ducked off the expressway and made our way south to Yokohama, on into Tokyo, finishing up after another long day back home in Tsubuka. And our journeys end.

Added : 19 Jan 2003, 14:53:43 (UK time)
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