March 18, 2018
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Cabot in China
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Country China
City or Region Hong Kong
Travelling with conor
Travel date 14 Feb 2003
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Cabot started out on the 13th heading for Hongkong. Fantastic place to visit for people, purchases and sights, HK must have the easiest airport in the world to use. It is brand new and works extremely well. If you have a stop over here i recommend you take the Airport Express train into HK for a look around. This train will take you direct into HK for 100hk return to the airport same day. Once you are here it is pretty mind blowing to just go for a walk around to get the "ant effect" by being dwarfed by a lot of massive buildings (currently building one over 100 floors!).

Once you get over this head to the underground. This as i understand is the cleanest underground in the world. Buy a Tourist pass for 50hk this will give you unlimited use of the underground for one day. Do your home work on the markets and you can get a real taste of HK in a day. There is basically a market for everything so work out three or four you want to see and go for it!

Cabot visited a few, Stanley Market is a good market with loads of stuff to suit the tourist. Mainly clothes and a bit of small craft stuff. All the stall owners can speak a little English to get you by. Faume st (incorrect spelling!) is great for clothes etc. All products priced well and with the price you are expected to pay. Loads of copy merchandise and good quality products made in China. Lots of locals shop there so you know it isn't too badly priced.

Other Markets cabot is aware of but didn't visit: Fish market, Bird market, Jade market, Flower market. Can't think of any more right now but there is a lot!

Next stop: FRANCE


Added : 19 Feb 2003, 08:27:50 (UK time)
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