March 23, 2018
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Cabot in France
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Click to enlarge the pic Lyon, France
Country France
City or Region lyon
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Travel date 16 Feb 2003
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France..... coming from NZ you soon realise that we are a second old in history! There is so much history here it's not funny.

Lyon city itself has over twenty museums and a huge range of amazing building, bridges and churches, churches and more churches to visit.

One of the most impressive to visit is the Fourviere. This church overlooks Lyon with great views when the polution isn't running too thick. This church has three levels and is an amazing building considering the time it was built. Huge mosaic murals with windows to match. You can get there by cable car which is directly linked to the underground system.

Once you have finished being amazed by this church take a short walk to the right of the church down towards Lyon and you will come across a Roman ampitheater. Crazy to think this thing was built 2000 years ago and here it is still going strong! Take a walk down through the ampitheater on to the Big boulder Roman road at the bottom, then out on to the street. Take the road down and it will bring you to 'Old Lyon'.

This is a cool part of the city with very very old buildings, genuine cobbled streets about 10 foot wide with a huge aray of bars and restaurants.

While in Lyon it is worth a trip out to Viene which is the biggest restored ampitheater in the world. There is often events held here just like old times. Stand on the stage and speak out as if there was a crowd of loyal Romans and you will see why they built them in this way with no amps available!! Go to the musem while in Viene as this is impressive - it has some huge restored mosaic floors inside and you get a head set to listen to the explanations in English. Then you go outside and this is a huge outdoor museum. Each year the whole summer is spent excavating more and more of this area which is just an endless maze of Roman ruins. They were an amazing breed for the stuff they pulled off all those years ago!!

That is it for Lyon this time round - a cool city with loads of good food as well. Sorry for the spelling, these French computers have funny keyboards and no spelling help of course!!

Added : 23 Feb 2003, 10:45:59 (UK time)
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