March 23, 2018
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Cabot in France
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Click to enlarge the pic Strasbourg
Country France
City or Region Strasbourg
Travelling with conor
Travel date 29 Jan 2003
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This part of France is an interesting place, mainly due to location. It is situated right up on the German border.They speak a different language ‘Alsacian’ which seems to be French with a German influence, but they can all understand French. This came about over history from the area changing hands between the countries dozens of times. The Alsatian people basically don't want to be either German or French - it seems they are quite happy just by themselves.

The architecture changes once again in this area with a more German feel to it. It still has the big concrete influence you see all around France with loads of villages in the area being surrounded by the big wall with designated entries which were kept at guard in the past.

If you are interested in art a good thing to visit is ‘The Spindler’. This is a very different type of art work done by creating full pictures from a distance. When you look at these closer they have been intricately individual pieces of wood to create all the different shades of a real picture. The spindler based in ‘Boersch’ is third generation and each generation has a different style to look at.

It is well worth the walk up the river as this takes you to the old district. A good way to see how they used water and bridges as natural protection of the unwanted in the past. Easy walking along the river on walkways away from the traffic.

Another must is the Strasburg Cathedral which is an amazing building even with today's building efforts. It stands 142m tall and can be seen from anywhere within a 30km radius. It is the most complex building i have seen so far in France. It was the tallest building in the world for 400 years and took 1000 years to build!! It is just as impressive inside. If you go you must take time to find out about the clock.

Added : 11 Mar 2003, 12:57:16 (UK time)
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