March 21, 2018
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Cook in United States
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Click to enlarge the pic Grand Canyon
Country United States
City or Region Grand Canyon, Arizona
Travelling with Mike & Tara
Travel date 15 Feb 2002
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After disappearing for a couple of months, Cook has turned up at the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

The first impressions of the Grand Canyon is that it's big...really big! I know that is obvious, but to see it in person is breathtaking. The distance to the other side of the Canyon is over 8 miles.

The Grand Canyon is situated in a National Park. Inside the park are a few hotels and a small "village" of shops. This is unusual for a National Park, which are normally kept as "unspolit" as possible. Free buses transport people around between different viewpoints, but we opted to drive between some of the points, taking us to some of those not on the bus route. Lipan Point, near the eastern side of the Park is where we watched the sunset. Unfortunatley it was a little cloudy and so we didn't see the full range of colours that would normally be visible. The sunset was still spectacular though, and for a few minutes after the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky looked like it was ablaze. When choosing a place to view the sunset...or helps to do some research. Some places will have better views to the West and others to the East. Lipan Point for example I think would have been a better place to view the sunrise rather than the sunset. It did have a view of the river though...way down at the bottom of the deep, vast canyon.

Added : 18 Feb 2002, 04:27:38 (UK time)
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