March 17, 2018
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Kingsley in Italy
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Country Italy
City or Region Rome
Travelling with Jilly, Ali and Maggie
Travel date 01 Apr 2003
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After a sumptuous, eat as much as you like breakfast in the hotel we decided to start our visit to Rome in earnest.

The reception staff had been very helpful and had told us that everything was within walking distance. So as the Collosseum appeared to be the closest on the map we made our way our of the hotel heading south in that general direction. After walking down the streets we entered the Parco Oppio and after about 5 minutes the Collosseum stood in front of us.

It was an amazing site and even though it was only about 10.30 in the morning there were masses of tourists and school groups. It made us wonder what it would have been like in the height of the summer and on a weekend. Too busy we thought. We paid 8 euros for our ticket which also permitted entry into the Palantino which is situated just across the road alongside the Roman forum which we visited next.

The Collosseum was amazing. It was hard to believe that so many beastly happenings had occurred there. But the size of the structure itself seemed smaller than I had always imagined it - certainly didn't seem big enough to hold the 70,000 or so spectators which used to flock here to see the various activities which used to take place .

Added : 13 Apr 2003, 17:36:30 (UK time)
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