March 17, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Watchung and Cranford, NJ
Travelling with Andrea
Travel date 24 Jul 2003
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Since my 'real' travels won't start until the end of the month, I will keep you posted about my daily activities here in New Jersey.

What made me think NJ was cooler than North Carolina??? I'm still sweating! Hot and humid is no climate for a little pig! I think I want to go back to a place where it's cold! Well, maybe not ...

Anyway, enough whining, let me tell you what I did this past week ...

... which was not a lot. I got to sleep in every day (what could be better!?!) and it was mostly very quiet. No trips to NYC or to the famous Jersey shore :-(

But I did go out a couple of times. And on one of these outings I went to Watchung and got to meet several of my wild African relatives! That was really cool! After a few grunts and oinks we managed to understand each other perfectly and exchanged stories about our travels.

Then on Wednesday Andrea and Stephan took me to the movies to see 'Johnny English'. They figured English pig -> English movie ... Well, let me tell you, it's not as simple as that ... we did laugh a couple of times, but the jokes were very predictable (even a little pig like me could tell what was coming from a mile away!) and we were all quite disappointed by the movie. So here's Livi's advice: if you like Rowan Atkinson, watch 'Mr. Bean' instead of 'Johnny English', he's so much funnier in that. But, hey, I'm a travel pig, not a movie critic!

Added : 27 Jul 2003, 16:58:47 (UK time)
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