February 19, 2018
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Livingstone in United States
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Country United States
City or Region Marin Headlands, CA
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 01 Aug 2003
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Hello again!

Our next stop on that foggy Friday was a place called the Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands, north of San Franciscso. I'm not sure if it's ok to post a link here but since the center is a nonprofit I figured it's no big deal. (Sorry, posting a link doesn't seem to work.) So these guys rescue and treat injured and orphaned mammals like seals, sea lions, and occasionally sea otters. Sometimes they even rescue whales and dolphins! Many of the animals are released back into the wild once their health has improved and they can find food on their own. The center also has a research facility and runs educational programs for kids and teens.

Now if you go there, don't expect something like an aquarium where the animals are in a huge tank and you can walk right up to the glass and see them from up close. These guys need some privacy and one of the important things is not to get them too used to people. So visitors (and that includes little pigs) have to stay behind a chain link fence and watch from a distance. There are signs that tell you something about each animal, like how old it is, where it was found and what's wrong with it.

After our visit to the center, we went for a walk near the beach, watched some surfers in the fog and finally headed back to the city to check out Crissy Fields, the newest (correct me if I'm wrong) addition to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Gotta go now, it's getting late! Toodaloo, Livingstone.

Added : 18 Aug 2003, 04:54:00 (UK time)
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