March 18, 2018
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Livingstone in United States
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Country United States
City or Region San Jose, CA
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 09 Aug 2003
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After spending the week with Andrea at their friends' house in Santa Clara, Stephan picked us up on Friday and we checked into our hotel in San Jose.

Every year in early August, San Jose hosts the San Jose Jazz Festival, which - if I'm not mistaken - is the largest free jazz festival in the country.

The festival kicks off on a Thursday night with a gala concert (the only event that is not free) but the fun really starts Friday night and doesn't end until Sunday afternoon! This time there were 8 or 9 stages all around downtown San Jose, some of them outdoors, some indoors. Most of the stages are in the same place every year but sometimes they add new venues like the cool Theatre on San Pedro Square. My other favorite stage was the Repertory Theatre (that's where I am in the picture) and the one I liked the least was the Main Stage - I think the music kind of gets lost there!

Performances start around noon both Saturday and Sunday and end around 8 pm. at most stages. This year there was also 'Jazz after dark' at one stage and on Saturday night there's always a Jazz Jam. We didn't go because we were meeting friends but I heard that it was a blast last year!

So what we did all weekend was wander from one stage to the next, listen to (mostly) great music and - as usual - eat too much! I would definitely go back next year, it was a lot of fun! But who knows where I'll be by then ...

Toodaloo, Livingstone

Added : 09 Sep 2003, 01:34:17 (UK time)
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