March 18, 2018
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Livingstone in United States
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Click to enlarge the pic Hanging out on the beach
Country United States
City or Region San Francisco, CA
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 03 Aug 2003
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After a long day, Livi relaxes in the evening sun on the beach near Ghirardelli Square ...

Help, what did we do all day? My memory's fading! Hope all the wine and beer hasn't done any serious damage ...

Oh, now I remember, for one thing, we went on a guided tour of the Ferry Building, which was kind of interesting although the lady wasn't really that knowledgeable ... Anyway, apart from all the history, we discovered that the Ferry Building is being turned into a sort of indoor market. There's already a bakery, a cheese vendor, a wine shop/bar etc. Restaurants are also scheduled to open in there. And there's also a farmers market outside where you can buy produce and also plants.

San Francisco City Guides offers more than 50 different walking tours in the different neighboorhoods of the city - and they're free!!! Of course, not every tour is offered every day and, as we discovered, some guides are better than others, but it's definitely worth a try! Andrea and Stephan had done the 'Victorian San Francisco' tour a couple of years ago and that one was great.

Gotta go, more work to do, more to write! Toodaloo, Livingstone

Added : 12 Sep 2003, 13:43:21 (UK time)
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