March 21, 2018
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Livingstone in United States
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Country United States
City or Region Livingston, NJ
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 04 Oct 2003
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Guess what, Livingstone went to Livingston!!!

Livingston, NJ, that is. My travel buddies thought I had to go there just because of my name, so off we went! Livingston is located just about 45 minutes north of Westfield and, quite frankly, is not a very exciting place. The fact that it was a gray, rainy day and that we couldn't find a really nice sign with the name of the town didn't really help.

But anyway, did you know that besides New Jersey there's a Livingston in Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin??? There's also one in the UK and then of course, there's Livingstone (with the 'e', just like me) in Zambia! Looking at the names of my fellow travel pigs I suppose that African city and I were named after the same guy?!?

On to my next destination, wherever that might be! Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 25 Oct 2003, 20:49:24 (UK time)
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