March 17, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic Balanced Rock
Country United States
City or Region Colorado Springs, Colorado
Travelling with Mike & Tara
Travel date 26 May 2003
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The "Garden of the Gods" is a park in Colorado Springs that has perhaps the wackiest rock formations that I have ever seen. The main structures are a line of thin, flat rocks that point straight up - like a knife edge. There's other formations that are just as strange, all with imaginative names - like "Kissing Camels"!

The film in the visitor centre says that the rocks were laid down from the sediment created after an original version of the Rocky Mountains were eroded away. The pushing up of the current version of the Rockies tilted the layer of rock up vertically. Then the other rocks eroded away leaving the incredible structures that exist today.

This piggy rolled out of bed early to catch the early morning sun on the rocks - it was quite a sight.

Added : 17 Nov 2003, 00:42:59 (UK time)
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