January 20, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Las Vegas, Nevada
Travelling with Mike & Tara
Travel date 21 Nov 2003
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It was time to see how lucky a pig can be at the casinos...so it's off to Vegas! It didn't take long to find out that this pig ain't too lucky...but Las Vegas is still fun!

It's true that Vegas and gambling are inseperable, but there's still a lot of non-gambling activities to do. For example, today started off with a visit to the Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton. It's one of those simulator rides...and quite expensive...but it is fun. After the ride, I met a Klingon and a Borg in "Quarks Bar". Yes, it's cheesy...like a lot of stuff in this town...but it's just silly fun.

After a pretty potent cocktail, it was off to the Venetian casino, which is very flashy! The attraction there is the gondola rides, so I had to sample that of course. It was pretty cool, floating along in a gondola actually inside the building, but decorated to make it look as if you are outside. The effect was really quite realistic.

This "high rolling" piggy stayed at the Mandalay Bay. It's a very nice place to stay, even though it is at the end of "The Strip". The downside though is that it's a bit snobby. The dealers weren't very friendly and the people there made us feel a bit uncomfortable. Also there were no table games with low limits - which makes playing there even more costly!

Added : 08 Dec 2003, 22:52:54 (UK time)
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