March 17, 2018
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Hawkins in Sweden
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Click to enlarge the pic At the National Museum
Country Sweden
City or Region Stockholm
Travelling with Mazikeen
Travel date 28 Dec 2003
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Today we got up early, grabbed some breakfast and decided to go museum hopping. The only problem was that the Stockholm tram system was closed for several months! After some wandering aimlessly we figured out which busses to take and we were on our way. First we went to the Aquarium. Let me start by saying do not bother unless you are into kitsch (like us). It was created by a man who owned a fish store (or something along those lines) and his dream was to open an aquarium. It should be a crime for this place to be called an aquarium. It is only a large room with some old fish tanks and boy does it stink; as in it smells bad. I dare say the fish were not taken care of properly and I expected more from a city that was on the water. After trying to find somewhere to eat we gave up and went off to the Music Museum. This was a pleasant surprise! There are many hands on activities and it was great fun. And no Swedish music museum would be complete without a tribute to ABBA, which they had! As we were leaving we could hear a band playing. We walked up the street just in time to see a marching band from the Armory Museum performing and going on a parade. Then we headed to the National Museum. It was not my cup of tea and I think it was a sort of sad museum. But my Husband loved looking at all the Swedish furniture. From here we continued our search for food. many of the cafes were closed. The ones that were open were more like bakeries. The restaurants that were open were of the fast food variety, which we did not want. We finally found a Gyro shop and settled on it, although the food was bad. As it was now dark and I was cold we went back to the hotel room for the evening after stopping by a candy shop.

Added : 17 Jan 2004, 20:52:31 (UK time)
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