March 23, 2018
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Hawkins in Sweden
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Click to enlarge the pic Hawkins lets his Godzilla side out!
Country Sweden
City or Region Stockholm
Travelling with Mazikeen
Travel date 30 Dec 2003
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Today we hopped on a plane and headed back to Chicago. The entire trip was bitter sweet. In short, the Ice Hotel was great and Stockholm was not our cup of tea. We found that in Stockholm there was not much for us to do (we do not "club" or drink), the food was rather bad, the sites we saw tended to be lame and the exchange rate did not make shopping very appealing. The people were nice, it is a pretty city.. but we just did not enjoy it as much as other cities we have been to. Perhaps we should go back in the summer? People we talked to really seemed to like it. I do not know. I can only quote my Husband: "4 days in Stockholm was 2 and a half too many." If we could have done it over, we would have skipped Stockholm. And that, my friends, is our trip from December 23rd through the 30th, 2003 to Sweden. I hope to go downtown and get some pictures of Hawkins in Chicago in the next few weeks, but that may be a tad difficult with our busy schedule. I can say that we leave for India on Februray 10th (we get back on the 29th) so be sure to look for pictures of Hawkins in India coming soon!

Added : 17 Jan 2004, 20:55:13 (UK time)
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