March 23, 2018
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Livingstone in South Africa
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Click to enlarge the pic On the road between Dullstrom and Pilgrim's Rest
Country South Africa
City or Region Mpumalanga Province
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 13 Dec 2003
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On Saturday morning Gail picked us up again and off we went to Mpumalanga province!

Let me start with a little bit of geography to give you an idea of where we were going: Johannesburg is located in the center of the smallest of the nine South African provinces, Gauteng. Gauteng (about 17,000 sq km, half the size of Holland) is surrounded by four other provinces, namely the Free State in the South, North-West province in the West, a tiny bit of Limpopo in the North and Mpumalanga in the East. I would guess that Mpumalanga is about four times the size of Gauteng but it is still the second smallest province. Mpumalanga, by the way, means 'Place of the Rising Sun' - wow, what an educated pig I am!

Now our destination was a secret place in Northeastern Mpumalanga. The first part of the drive was a bit boring and we passed a lot of mine dumps, which are not very pretty to look at. But as soon as we left the N4 and turned left (North) it got better! We stopped for lunch in a little town called Dullstrom, which is very popular with the trout fishing crowd. We ate at 'fibs' (under the name it says 'fine food, tall stories' on the sign), which is not on the busy main street but very close to it, and I must say that was another delicious meal! There's also a 'Harrie's Pancakes' in town, which I'm sure is just as good as the one in Graskop, where we went a couple of days later ...

All this talk about food made me extremely hungry, so I have to find something to eat now! Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 17 Jan 2004, 23:38:13 (UK time)
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