March 18, 2018
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Country South Africa
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Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 14 Dec 2003
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The next morning, most of the group walked down to the river, well equipped with lots of food and even more wine, as well as bathing suits. Although this little piggy didn't bother with the latter ...

It took us about half an hour - and we passed quite impressive waterfalls on the way - to get to a nice spot a little further up the river where we all settled down and eventually got ready for a swim. The rocks are very slippery there and one human in particular was seen making a number of very strange moves trying very hard not to fall into the water ... would have been a lot easier to just let go since she went in a moment later anyway ... But that's just one little pig's opinion ... It was quite a hot day and the water was very refreshing but not too cold. Of course swimming made us hungry, so out came the food and we all had a nice picknick lunch. Need I say that a few bottles had been opened long before we had started to eat?!

After more swimming, reading and dozing by the river a bunch of huge clouds made us pack up and hike back up the hill again. The weather held out though and we made it back to the lower house without getting wet.

The rain did come later that afternoon and the storm knocked out the generator so that the cooks that night (Gail, Ann and my travel buddies) had to do some of the chopping by candlelight. But thanks to the gas stove nobody had to go hungry and we all shared a lekker Thai curry and springrolls. And before sunset there was a fantastic rainbow and the light was beautiful ...

Ok, enough! Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 19 Jan 2004, 17:31:53 (UK time)
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