March 17, 2018
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Hawkins in India
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Country India
City or Region India
Travelling with Mazikeen
Travel date 12 Feb 2004
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We left around 7 CST from Chicago on February 10th, we arrived in Delhi around 2 pm on February 12th--- tired anyone? Jet lag hit us very harshly and we ended up pouring into our room and falling asleep until 4 am the next day!

We stayed at the Hotel Ajanta in Delhi. It's staff was very friendly, the room were relatively clean, it did get a tad noisy sometimes due to construction, but the food was good and, as I said, the staff was fantastic.

The next day we went out and about in Delhi. Let me tell you, I have never been in a city that was so crowded, or dirty. It definitely takes a certain type of person to enjoy Delhi from the first step and I could easily see why they says some people turn right back around after a few days in Delhi!

I, unfortunately, am not fond of crowds. Had we stayed in Delhi for a week I am quite sure I would have gotten used to it and had the flow of the city down, but as it stood we were going to spend one full day wandering around and the rest of our days "in" Delhi making day trips outside of Delhi.

Delhi is a very exciting place with much going on at all times of the day. Somethings a new traveler should keep in mind are:

*before arriving at the Delhi airport try to get rupees to pay the "leaving the airport tax". We searched but were unable to find an ATM at Mumbai (Bombay) or Delhi's international airport. At the hotel the ATM machine was broken too.

*get used to very persistent beggars and salesmen (whether they're selling goods or a ride). They'll approach you and follow you around for a while or tap repeatedly on your window to try and get your attention.

*prepare yourself for poverty. For some people this can be quite a "wake up call" and they may find certain living conditions very unsettling. Do not let it get to you, but remember that giving to charities does help!

*do not live in fear. You hear all the stories of people trying to steal form you. Just be responsible and careful, don't let paranoia ruin talking to complete strangers! Indian people can be some of the very nicest people you will ever meet!

*get used to what looks like crazy driving with much horn blowing and many near miss head on collisions! Just think that these are some of the best drivers and try not to look forward if you're squeamish and you should be okay! :D

*your allergies may act up if you have them. This is more likely to happen depending on which time of the year you go. Every time we blew our noses black ickies would come out due to the pollution.

*enjoy yourself! If something is not going your way, be patient as it'll change within moments! Don't like where you are? Leave and go some place else!

Unfortunately, Hawkins didn't take our advice so he was to terrified to come out in Delhi. :( Not to mention there were not many respectable photo opportunities.

We booked a car for the day and went around the major sites. We went to the Ba'hai Temple which is shaped like a large white lotus. We went by the India Gate and the Red Fort. We stopped outside some mosques but it was prayer time so we did not go in.

We went to the Gandhi museum and park which was built around where he was cremated. If ever Delhi gets to be too crowded for you, do not go to your hotel room, go to the Gandhi park! It's beautiful, green and quiet. A good place to get away from the hustle and bustle!

Added : 09 Mar 2004, 17:12:51 (UK time)
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