March 21, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Margate City, NJ, USA
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 12 Jun 2004
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This little piggy went wine tasting again and that is probably why my memory is - well - a little blurred ...

The original plan was to visit 4 wineries in South Jersey - Bellview, Balic, Renault and Sylvin - and then take a look at Atlantic City and, more importantly, pay a visit to a gigantic pachyderm (had to consult my dictionary for that one but don't tell anybody!) nearby! Since Sylvin winery was participating in a local seafood festival, they weren't open for tasting, so it was down to 3 wineries, which was still plenty for little piggy me, hicks!!!

As to the wines we tasted – let’s just say some New Jersey wineries are better than others and we definitely liked most of the Bellview wines better than anything we tasted at the other two.

After a late lunch at one of Renault’s two restaurants, we headed towards Atlantic City, the gambling capital of the Garden State. I had brought a lot of quarters but my two-legged buddies wouldn’t let me near the slot machines – in fact, they wouldn’t even let me out of the car!!! What a shame, I could’ve been the first pig to win a million!

Well, anyway, what came next was more exciting than money – we went to see Lucy, the Elephant!!! Now Lucy is not your average elephant, she’s about 6 stories high (65 ft), made of wood and metal and was built in 1881 by a real estate speculator hoping to attract visitors and potential buyers! Lucy has two spiral staircases in her hind legs and over the years served as – among other things – somebody’s summer home and a tavern. She has survived hurricanes, ocean floods and even a fire but came close to collapsing and/or being torn down in 1970 after decades of neglect. But, fortunately, a group of concerned citizens – the Save Lucy Committee – came to her rescue by raising money to pay for her move to a new site donated by the city only two blocks from the original site. Since then Lucy’s been restored to her original splendor inside and out and can of course be visited by curious humans and little piggies alike. In 1976 she even became a National Historic Landmark and from the thingy on her back - called a howdah - you have a nice view of the town and the ocean. Lucy is – and I quote – the “only elephant you can walk through and come out alive!” and – I love it! – the window in her backside is also known as “the pane in her butt!” He he he!!!

Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 06 Jul 2004, 15:44:20 (UK time)
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