January 20, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic Me at misty Spring Lake
Country United States
City or Region Spring Lake, Michigan
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Travel date 03 Oct 2004
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It's been a while since I wrote something here, I've been a bit lazy lately ... you might also call it writer's block. Ok, no more excuses!

The first weekend in October we hopped onto a plane that took us to Detroit, MI. We had finally found a date to visit my special buddy, Jasmine, the dog, and her two-legged friends, Alecia and Brent, who had moved to Michigan in January and who we miss quite a bit. They live close to Detroit now but we only stayed at their house for one night before driving north (about 2 hours) to a place in the woods, where Brent's parents have a cabin on a lake. I can't remember the name of the nearest town but I know that the lake is called Spring Lake. It's on the smallish side but it certainly is big enough for boating! So when we weren't eating or playing scrabble (the latter is a bit difficult for a pig like me ...) we spent most of our time on the boat. It was pretty chilly and, as usual, the humans were bundled up, even Jasmine wore a sweater, only poor Livingstone had to go basically naked!!! Brrrrh! At least they wrapped me in their jackets!

The next morning the lake was covered with a thick layer of fog, so I grabbed the camera and sneaked out early to take this picture of myself ... ;-)

Unfortunately, we had to fly back to New Jersey that evening but the next visit will come - preferably in summer!

Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 27 Jan 2005, 15:03:20 (UK time)
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