February 19, 2018
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Scott in Thailand
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Country Thailand
City or Region Sukothai
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 06 Apr 2002
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After splurging on an expensive hotel (20 pounds a night) in Phitsanalok (we hardly left the hotel so can't really comment on Phitsananlok) we have made it to Sukothai. Sukothai is mostly famous for the ancient old town which is about 10 miles away. You can easily take a Songthaew from New Sukothai where most of the hotels are. The ruins themselves cover a large area so if you want to have a good look around it's worth hiring a bike.

We looked around the central part of the ruins which are very atmospheric and serene. The ruins are punctuated by large lakes with lotus flowers on, which gives the scene plenty of colour. There are some good photos to be had with a multitude of Buddha images in various poses including unusually, standing up.

If you're looking for somewhere nice to eat in New Sukothai check out the Dream Cafe. It is a little pricy but is very atmospheric with plenty of wooden furniture and various oddities lying around.

Added : 10 Apr 2002, 05:06:15 (UK time)
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