March 17, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Key Largo, FL
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 14 May 2004
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This afternoon, after Stephan had finished the 'work' part of this trip, the three of us headed south toward our 'real' destination, the Florida Keys.

We took the old Card Sound Road and arrived at our hotel in Key Largo Ė advertised as ďthe only boutique hotel in the Florida KeysĒ - in the late afternoon. And what a nice place it turned out to be! And Iím not saying this because itís run by an Englishman ;-) Ö our room was very tastefully furnished with sleek designer pieces and for watching the sunset you could sit on the private pier in comfortable chairs Ö even pig size towels were provided Ö Pssst, donít tell her, but I must admit that Andrea has a knack for finding really great accommodation online Ö

Key Largo itself is not a very exciting town, itís more or less stretched out along the main road and doesnít have a downtown but itís very popular with divers and snorklers. There are, however, some things you can do even if you canít swim Ö

More about that tomorrow! Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 18 Mar 2005, 01:20:52 (UK time)
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