February 19, 2018
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Scott in Thailand
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Country Thailand
City or Region Ayutthaya
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 08 Apr 2002
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After an extremely hot and uncomfortable but otherwise uneventful train journey from Phitsanalok we have made it to Ayutthaya. If you can, it is well worth buying a second class ticket on the train as the third class seats are very uncomfortable as we experienced (and you're lucky if you get a seat).

Ayutthaya is another place famous for its ruins. They are not as immediately impressive as Sukothai but the fallen head of a Buddha statue surrounded by the roots of a tree is very engaging. Many of the Buddha statues' heads have fallen off long ago and this gives the place a somewhat grim feel conjuring up images of some sort of massacre. Well it does to me anyway.

Many people make this a day trip from Bangkok and this is probably a good idea, although we are staying at the very comfortable Suan Luang guest house for a reasonable 8 pounds a night.

Added : 10 Apr 2002, 05:17:47 (UK time)
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