March 23, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic Livi in Haight Street
Country United States
City or Region San Francisco, CA
Travelling with Andrea
Travel date 13 Feb 2004
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Here I am again, in ‘the Haight’, former hippie capital of the world. From what I’ve heard it’s changed quite a bit since the 60ies but it still has a special vibe to it. Although some chain stores have moved in, there’s still a bunch of interesting shops around, quite a few of them selling second-hand clothing. And if a tattoo or piercing is what you want you have more than enough places to choose from. If you’d asked me though if I wanted to mutilate my divine porcine body – the answer would be a firm ‘no’! The thought alone makes me shiver! But I really wished they had those tie-dye t-shirts in my size …

Peace, Livi

Added : 18 Mar 2005, 02:55:01 (UK time)
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