February 19, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic LiVi at the MoMA
Country United States
City or Region New York, NY
Travelling with Andrea
Travel date 19 Mar 2005
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Today this little pig went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in Manhattan. My third museum in three weeks! And my second modern art museum – I think I’m turning into an art pig!

MoMA had moved back to Manhattan in 2004 from its temporary location in Queens, after some huge renovations at the old place. When we (me, Andrea and her friend Cora) got there this morning, there was a long line at the entrance but it was moving quickly, so that we made it inside after only 10 to 15 minutes. First we went to see some cool furniture and the photography exhibit (lots of great shots in black and white, among other things) and then we went on to check out the modern masters like Picasso, Kandinsky, Dalí and lots more.

We got hungry from looking at so much art, so we went to the restaurant, where we had a small meal and a ‘life-changing’ (according to the waitress) chocolate cake. Mmmh, it was really good – not sure about life-changing but definitely delicious and highly recommended!!!

After lunch we looked at some very modern art – I’m afraid I didn’t understand it all but I think I wasn’t the only one … The artwork on the left in the picture – the one with the tire – is by Robert Rauschenberg and it’s called ‘first landing jump’ and the only reason I had my picture taken with it was that tire – it sort of rooted the picture to the floor, so I could get relatively close to it since I didn’t dare to actually touch any of the artwork – too many guards around!

When we were done looking around inside we went outside to check out the sculpture garden, which was kind of cool – the sculpture I’m sitting on in the right half of the pic is called ‘lunar bird’ and it’s by Joan Miró from Catalunya.

Ok, that’s it from MoMA, Toodaloo, Livi, the artsy, chocolate-craving pig

Added : 04 Jun 2005, 02:49:02 (UK time)
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