March 18, 2018
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Livingstone in South Africa
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Click to enlarge the pic Livi in Hermanus
Country South Africa
City or Region Hermanus
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 24 Dec 2003
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Hi, itís me again, Livingstone, the travelpig with a hangover.

Itís Christmas Eve and Iím currently in Hermanus, sort of northeast of Cape Town, in the Western Cape. The weather has turned bad, itís been raining and itís quite chilly.

But let me start in the morning! After checking out of our hotel in Cape Town we drove towards Hermanus via a very scenic road, over a mountain pass. At that time the weather was still beautiful, although it was extremely windy on the pass Ė thatís why I stayed in the car when we stopped at the top and Andrea took pictures.

Our first destination this morning was a wine store in the outskirts of Hermanus, where we met up with Gail and Neil and their friend Thomas. Of course that didnít go over without some serious wine shopping Ö After loading the supplies for the next couple of days into the cars, we continued on to WhaleHaven winery (basically next door) for some more tasting (small and intimate tasting room) before driving on to Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russell and Sumaridge (where we also had lunch). Those three wineries are all beautifully located in the Walker Bay wine region north of Hermanus, close to R320. Hamilton Russell was a bit too posh for us while the other two were just right!

After lunch we drove to Hermanus Ė and thatís when all the wine tasting caught up with me and I fell asleep! When I woke up just a little while ago I noticed that it had cooled down considerably (somethingís wrong here, itís the middle of summer!!!) and was raining. So our dinner at a restaurant called Bientangís Cave turned out not quite as planned Ö instead of sitting outside, right by the ocean, weíre now actually inside the cave, which is open towards the ocean, with the clear plastic ďwallsĒ rolled down and the heat lamps on! This place and Hermanus in general are known for their excellent whale watching and although we havenít seen a whale (and itís too dark now) we did see some dolphins before we sat down for dinner. That was pretty cool!

So let me get back to my dinner (they have excellent seafood here!) but before I go I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas! Cheers, Livi

Added : 26 Jun 2005, 00:13:37 (UK time)
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