March 21, 2018
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Livingstone in South Africa
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Country South Africa
City or Region Llandudno
Travelling with Andrea + Stephan
Travel date 26 Dec 2003
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A quick hello from Llandudno, a beautiful Cape Town suburb, where we spent Christmas Day with some very nice people who put up with us strangers, served the most delicious food and even let us stay overnight! Thanks a lot, Dani and John!

After so much eating and drinking yesterday we already went for a walk down to the beach this morning, which burnt at least a few calories Ė not that I have any problems with my piggy waistline but some people near and dear to me should really watch theirs Ö ;-)

The weather canít decide what to do, so thanks to a bit of rain and a bit of sunshine thereís a nice rainbow out there now Ė can you see it?

Well, Iím afraid we have to leave here soon and get back on the road. Gail, Neil, Stephan, Andrea and myself will head towards our next destination, a town called George on the famous Garden Route.

Hasta la vista, baby, Iíll be back soon! Livi

Added : 01 Jul 2005, 21:19:45 (UK time)
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