February 19, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic LiVi at the MoMa again
Country United States
City or Region New York, NY
Travelling with Andrea
Travel date 25 Aug 2005
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I saw myself listed as ‘M.I.A.’ (Missing In Action) once again the other day – and I don’t like that at all! So I looked in the mirror to make sure I was still here and not missing and then got on a train to New York City to do something worth writing about. Andrea came with me and together we headed to the MoMA to catch the Lee Friedlander photo exhibit before it ends tomorrow. It was pretty cool! Quite a few of the photos had some kind of reflection happening, which I have a thing for anyway. These were all in black & white and I liked them a lot. The musicians’ portraits (in color) were also cool as was a lot of the rest. What I didn’t care for really were the nudes – and not just because there weren’t any naked pigs included. They were just not fun to look at. But altogether I must say that I enjoyed the exhibit – I even wanted to buy the catalog but it weighs about a ton and is 10 times my size, so that was out of the question!

Next thing we checked out was the Cézanne / Pissarro exhibit, which was really crowded, a lot more so than ‘Friedlander’. And while I found it interesting to see how two artists see basically the same scene quite differently I found the colors – lots of blues and greens – a bit monotonous. But, hey, I’m a travelpig, not an art critic!

That was it for the 6th floor (no photography allowed there!), and after looking at more photographs (by Walker Evans, etc.) in the permanent collection I insisted that we visit the design collection again! They have some very cool pieces there and I wanted to have my picture taken sitting on one of the funky chairs but the guards wouldn’t take their eyes off of me – guess they don’t see too many travelpigs around! Would have been a good idea to bring some more people (or pigs, for that matter) to distract them … so in the end I had to settle for the platform that some of the pieces were sitting on. But there’s always a next time … ;-)

After a lot of picture taking and a visit to the store (where I bought something really cool!!!) we headed south to meet Stephan for dinner at the Bread Bar at Tabla. The food – best described as Indian fusion – was pretty good but the best thing was the tamarind margarita! It’s a real killer, said the travelpig and passed out …

Toodaloo, Livi

Added : 29 Aug 2005, 04:30:48 (UK time)
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