March 21, 2018
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Hudson in United States
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Country United States
City or Region Atlanta, GA
Travelling with Jim
Travel date 10 Apr 2002
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I live here in Atlanta, and have for several years. Right now I live out in the burbs and work downtown. For those of you in a cave, we hosted the 1996 Olympics, which seemed to be universally panned for poor traffic planning, but that's just a part of the charm here. 18 lane highways and you still have gridlock.

In terms of things to do, there's Stone Mountain, the World of Coca-Cola museum (yes, you read that right), the State Capital, the Cyclorama which tells a far more intersting story of the Civil War than one might expect, and the tallest hotel in the country. Woohoo. There are also of course myriad bars in Buckhead, a mildly interesting area called Little Five points, and the aformentioned traffic problems.

On Friday, Hudson and I will be leaving on a jet plane for Winnipeg where we'll meet up with Frank (a high school buddy who works for the Navy) for 8 days and 4000+ miles of Canadian driving. I'll be stopping at cyber cafes along the way - my bid to get a laptop fell through. If they're nice, and most Canadians seem to be, they'll let me install the drivers for my digital camera so you folks can get some actual pics of the trip. If not, I'll be uploading a ton when I return.


Added : 11 Apr 2002, 05:53:50 (UK time)
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