February 20, 2018
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Scott in Thailand
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Country Thailand
City or Region Bangkok
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 11 Apr 2002
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Well we did actually make it back to Bangkok after all. Overall our impressions of Bangkok the second time around were much more favourable.

For a start we were staying much closer to the action (a few mins walk from the infamous Khao San Road) which meant we could walk around and still see quite a lot. We spent two whole days in Bangkok this time around and visited both the National Museum and the Grand Palace. The museum is OK. It was very hot again and we were quite tired so I'm afraid we hurried around a bit. There was quite a lot of it closed off for renovation as well. I think that's because it is the low season.

The second day was remarkably cool. There was a thunderstorm the night before and this really seemed to clear the air up. We spent the morning looking around the grand palace which was excellent. It was very busy but this didn't detract from the beauty at all. It was the perfect day to look round and we thouroughly enjoyed it.

This time of year is New Year in Thailand. The festival lasts from the 13th to the 15th of April and the festivities consist of generally throwing copious amounts of water around and soaking everyone. It seems that the festivities started early however as we found out to our cost. We had barely left our guesthouse when we got a good soaking from a couple of nuclear strength water pistols. The Khao San Road was a complete war zone. It was quite a spectacle, but very wet.

Added : 14 Apr 2002, 06:37:49 (UK time)
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