February 20, 2018
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Sibusiso in United States
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Country United States
City or Region Westfield, NJ
Travelling with nobody really although i could say the mail people
Travel date 27 Mar 2007
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I'm in transit, really, no longer in Westfield but on my way to a place far far away! If I get there in time I will be going on another big trip very soon, again half way around the world ... no no, I'm not going to say more, it's still a secret and I promised not to tell ... though it's very hard for me to keep my snout shut ...

Before I boarded that cardboard box yesterday I got a lot of travel tips from my fellow TravelPig Livingstone. Now unlike me, Livi, as I'm allowed to call him, is very experienced in this TravelPig business, he's really seen a lot of interesting places and can tell many really cool stories (he only has trouble writing them down, his hooves and the computer keyboard don't work together very well ...). So I listened to everything he said and hope I'm now well prepared for my own adventures! And next time I'll tell you a bit about where my name comes from, just in case you were wondering ...

Now wish me luck that the postal people get me to my destination on time! Ciao, Sibu

Added : 27 Mar 2007, 21:52:41 (UK time)