March 19, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Oakley, Kansas
Travelling with Mike, Tara
Travel date 11 Aug 2007
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We drove for another few hours and then pulled off at the Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, Kansas. This tourist stop has signs all along I-70 advertising the Worlds Largest Prairie Dog and when the exit finally came up we just had to stop!

When you first enter there is large wooden box containing a bunch of rattlesnakes. You can stand on a step stool and look down on the snakes. Wow - are they loud when they rattle! Then you walk outside among the prairie dogs and a bunch of caged animals. It's a bit sad as the cages are tiny and there is not enough room for the animals to really stretch their legs.

Their claim to fame is the "World's largest prairie dog" - which is a 8,000 pound plaster prairie dog. It was quite funny.

Added : 22 Aug 2007, 23:02:00 (UK time)
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