March 19, 2018
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Country United States
City or Region Comanche Crossing, Kansas
Travelling with Mike, Tara
Travel date 11 Aug 2007
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On the atlas there was a marker for Comanche Crossing, KS as it is famous for the spot where the first continuous, uninterrupted chain of railroads joined up on the Kansas Pacific Railway. Of course we had to stop! We pulled into a museum and they gave us a photocopy of the Comanche Crossing Times newspaper from August 15, 1870. It's a really cool article and talks about how there was an east bound crew and a west bound crew laying rails. The crews were really tired and so the Colonels measured the distance to be covered and then put a keg of whiskey and an American flag at the mid-point. The first crew to reach the keg could enjoy their reward! The west bound crew reached it first (mainly because the east bound crew ran out of rails and had to wait for more to be delivered) at 2:53 on August 14, 1870. The article goes on to talk about the "little upstart town of Denver". It's a really neat piece of history. The town is hoping to raise money to put a monument at the point where the east rails met the west rails.

Added : 22 Aug 2007, 23:04:15 (UK time)
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