January 20, 2018
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Hudson in Canada
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Click to enlarge the pic Wonderful Hyder, AK
Country Canada
City or Region Calgary, AB
Travelling with Jim and Frank
Travel date 16 Apr 2002
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We are now in Calgary. We also found a place that will let me hook up my camera, so there will be some pics now.

For the last 2.5 days, we drove up to Alaska and back. Basically backtracking our entire path to spend fifteen minutes in Alaska, and 20 at the customs stop point trying to get back to Canada.

I don't know what they think we got or did there, since all the stores were closed on the ONE street that encompasses Alaska, but it took forever.

Then we spent the next day driving down the IceField Parkway in Alberta - it goes through a valley in the Canadian Rockies, and was really nice.

Since we should be here for a day or so, I'll try to update again tomorrow with whatever we do here.

Added : 17 Apr 2002, 18:17:35 (UK time)
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