March 19, 2018
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Click to enlarge the pic The Holy Family Cathedral
Country Spain
City or Region Barcelona
Travelling with Tara
Travel date 16 Sep 2007
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I arrived in Barcelona Sunday afternoon and after checking in to the hotel - I walked up the street to the metro (subway). I bought a 5 day pass and hoped on the first train.

I decided my first stop would be Sagrada Familia church which the architect Antoni Gaudi started in 1883. I took the green line metro and got off one stop prior to the Sagrada Familia and started walking. It wasn't long before I had to stop walking and start taking pictures. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful buildings. Then I took a photo of a traffic circle with a statue....I've no idea who the person is - but his statue is lovely! I'm so glad I took that photo because as I was framing the photo on the camera I caught a glimpse of the Sagrada Familia spires. I walked a few blocks and there it was!

The front of the cathedral is of an extremely modern design with carvings/statues which depict the life of Jesus. The back of the cathedral is different and the carvings/statues are very traditional. It is quite a contrast. The famous spires are quite a sight and reminded me of poured wet sand.

The cathedral is still being built and I heard they are hoping to have it finished by 2050. (that's not a typo - 2050!) Gaudi specified that he wanted all the funds for the church to come from the people - no government money is to be used in the building.

Added : 08 Oct 2007, 03:07:33 (UK time)
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