March 21, 2018
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Livingstone in Singapore
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Country Singapore
City or Region Singapore
Travelling with Andrea & Stephan
Travel date 13 Oct 2009
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Hi folks, greetings from Singapore, city of many malls and even more food!

I'm alive and well, in case you were worried, thank you!

It's been too long since you heard from this little piggy, I know.

But here I am, sweating my way around this energetic little country!

On the first three days we put our Singapore Tourist Passes to good use and rode around on the MRT (that's the subway here), the LRT (that's a bit like those airport monorails) and the buses quite a bit.

Most Singaporeans own the flats that they live in and most of these flats are in highrises, many of which are out in the boonies. Well, they're actually not that far from the city centre (note my spelling!), since this is such a small country.

Anyway, to get there you first take the MRT to the end of the line (or almost) and then you switch to the LRT. The LRT lines are these loops above ground and the trains consist of single cars. In some places they have stations and the train stops but the doors don't open because the houses there haven't been built yet! Very strange!

Oh, and did I mention that you're not allowed to take durians on the trains???

More to come!

Toodaloo, Livi, the sweating pig

Added : 27 Oct 2009, 03:30:10 (UK time)