February 19, 2018
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Scott in Vietnam
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Country Vietnam
City or Region Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 13 Apr 2002
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Well we have made it to Vietnam, the climax of our trip. The flight from Bangkok was very smooth and we were picked up at the airport by a very friendly lady from our guesthouse (70 Bui Vien, a very good guesthouse). There are a huge number of motorcycles on the road and they seem like a swarm of bees charging around the city. Crossing the road is not for the faint hearted.

We are staying in the main budget guesthouse area of the city where it's easy to find places to eat whether you want pizza or noodles. It's very busy and quite touristy.

From what we've seen so far if you think you are blazing a tourist trail in Vietnam on some sort of voyage of discovery you may be dissapointed. Ho Chi Minh is well setup for tourists with tour operators touting their wares on the streets and moped and cyclo drivers hassling you to take you around the sights. Things may be different once we get out into the countryside.

We had a look around the city centre and went to the War Remnants museum and had a look at the Cathedral. Although the city is busy and the sound of cars and mopeds hooting their horns is a constant companion, the city felt quite airy and open with wide boulevards and old colonial buildings.

Added : 20 Apr 2002, 04:34:50 (UK time)
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