March 18, 2018
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Scott in Vietnam
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Country Vietnam
City or Region Nha Trang
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 21 Apr 2002
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We have now dropped back down to the coast and are staying in Nha Trang. For some reason something is compelling us to move North as fast as possible so we are only spending one day in Nha Trang. Nha Trang is primarily a beach resort with a long golden beach being the main attraction.

We are not really beach people so we decided to take a days island cruise with some snorkling thrown in. It was quite a small boat but there weren't many people on board, maybe 20, so we had planty of room to move around. We started off by doing some snorkling. The coral wasn't very impressive and there weren't many fish to be seen. After that we stopped for an onboard sea food lunch. This was pretty impressive with loads of different types of seafood with noodles and rice, all cooked on board while we were snorkling.

After lunch we had the obligatory entertainment which consisted of the guide singing and playing on two battered guitars whose strings kept breaking, and the chef playing drums on an upturned cooking pot. After a few songs in Vietnamese (most of the people on the boat were Vietnamese) the guide said he would sing a song from the country of everyone on board. We were quite impressed with this and he started well by singing a Korean song. After that there was a guy from Norway, ourselves from England and a family from Japan, so he sang Waltzing Matilda. Obviously.

It was a good day out though the islands weren't anything special.

Added : 24 Apr 2002, 05:51:35 (UK time)
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