March 17, 2018
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Scott in Vietnam
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Country Vietnam
City or Region Hanoi
Travelling with David & Ruby
Travel date 27 Apr 2002
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Well we have made it to Hanoi, capital of Vietnam after an exhausting 14 hour bus journey overnight from Hue. We've been in Hanoi a few days now and really like the place. We are staying right in the middle of the Old Quarter which is a maze of small streets packed with small shops selling pretty much everything you can imagine. As with most places in Vietnam, Hanoi would be much nicer to wander around if it wasn't for the motorbikes and the relentless horns. However if you can ignore this there is plenty to keep you occupied just looking and stopping for the occasional coffee.

The temperature is lower here making it easier to get around. There isn't any specific sights we can recommend, it's just nice to take it all in.

After Hanoi we are spending a few days in Ha Long Bay and then Sa Pa. Unfortunately we wont be able to write any entries for these places, as we are on our way home soon. We have had to face up to parting with our pig and have handed Scott over to Sarah to carry on his travels. It was a sad moment and we shall miss him. We hope Sarah enjoys writing these entries as much as we did.

If anyone wants to know any more about any of the places we have vistited you can email us on

Added : 29 Apr 2002, 12:01:03 (UK time)
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