March 21, 2018
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Livingstone in Ecuador
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Country Ecuador
City or Region Esmeraldas province
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 28 Apr 2002
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Went to party town Atacames last night. Boy, there was a whole lot going on there. And a good mixture of locals and gringo tourists.

We stayed overnight in a hosteria by the beach and had some great fish for lunch. Strange experience for a pig to eat other animals ...

Next I was back at the beach where I met a beach beauty who was after me for my perfect teint. But the sun out there is no fun. It¨s so hot that I was afraid to end up as roasted pork after some time.

So I urged the others to go back to Quito where we arrived after another six hours drive.

Livingstone´s travel advice: Don´t eat to much before you go back up to Quito. The winding road and especially the increasing altitude will make you hurl!

Stay tuned. Toodaloo, Livingstone.

Added : 29 Apr 2002, 20:08:56 (UK time)
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